Home made Metal Polish

Metal Polish Shop made this polish and with only a few ingredients.  This was done on a cool spring day. The hotter the day and the hotter your project is will make the polish work even better. As you can notice I am not working up a sweat using this product. In this type of cool weather hand application works best but as the season gears up and the snow disappears I can use this polish with a machine buff application as well. Whether it is by hand or machine this polish can do it all. I have only used the initial aggressive polish on the project, if you would like super clarity of the project I would follow up with a super fine finishing blend then go over it with corn starch to remove any black tags that were left behind. Please look at the offer tab to see how to make the aggressive and finishing blends. “Keep the Shiny Side Up.” 

We apologize but the recipe for the home made polish has since been removed from the website. Thank-you for understanding.

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