How to Wash Your Microfiber Towels

Ever wonder what to do with your used and dirty microfiber towels? Well that is an easy problem to overcome, actually as easy as 1,2,3 and maybe a 4 if you count the last thing as a step. [Read more…]

Interior Detailing of Avalanche!!

A Chevy Avalanche came thru the door of the shop in Olds, Alberta that was in need of an interior cleaning. The winter has been a long one and the owner wanted it cleaned up for spring.
[Read more…]

Time to get your vehicles booked in to the Olds, Alberta Shop

The time has come to book your vehicle for a spring cleaning. The days are getting longer and the snow will be leaving soon so don’t wait, GET BOOKED IN TODAY!! We will be filling up fast!  Just fill out the form in the contact tab and we will be in contact with you or call us at 403-507-1152. We look forward to hearing from you.




Shop in Olds, Alberta gets a RENO

The snow came to Olds, Alberta and I thought it was time to give the shop a bit of a renovation. In true Metal Polish Shop style we took and old dairy milking house and made it new again. [Read more…]


Well I woke up this morning and looked outside. It made me want to jump out of bed and roll in it!! I jest of course!!!


Winters Morning


If you have ever tried to buff out chrome or stainless that has been abused this video is for you! [Read more…]

How to Flash Aluminum and Clean Chrome Wheels

This is how you flash aluminum in preparation to polishing. The products needed are wheel brightner, a soft scrub brush, saftey gear and water. [Read more…]


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Plastic Polishing

We all have had plastic lose it’s luster. Getting it back to it’s original shine is just a matter of removing the oxidation. [Read more…]

Headlight Polish

Headlight polishing doesn’t need to be hard. I used my white home made polish and a soft cotton buff. [Read more…]